The best laid plans…

I tried. I really did. I had the best intentions to keep up the blog while I was away but I totally dropped the ball. Because guess what?!  Kids? They're great, but they require FOOD and ATTENTION and STORIES and MY ARMS (to keep from drowning in large bodies of water). And since this is a blog about sleep issues, let me just tie this up neatly and say that the boys' sleep has been all whacky (not necessarily bad exactly, just whacky) and that means that I've been a bit whacky. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining AT ALL, but I'll spare you the details since you did not come to Isabel Granic's personal blog (not that I have one) but to a blog that you thought might have something to say about child development, sleep issues, and the relation therein-ish.

So, the truth is, I won't be able to get to any real nitty-gritty topics until next Monday. My brain is fried and slushy from heat, humidity and too much cheese. I want to keep my focus on my boys for these last few days of holidays and then I'll be back in earnest. I have LOTS to write about and tons of excellent questions from you to address but my headspace is all wrong for doing justice to those topics.

Please bear with me… Hope you're happy and well and enjoying some sunshine.

3 thoughts on “The best laid plans…

  1. I am the happy, albeit exhausted mom of a lovely 3 month old gal who doesn’t seem to like to sleep during the day. Your book and blog have given me hope and more confidance than i could have dreamed. Thank you and enjoy your holiday.

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