Weissbluth would NOT approve…

I haven’t posted much this week for you. I’m sorry. I’ll be more on top of the blog next week. I’ll save you the litany of “day job” issues that have kept me from being more present on the blog and leave you instead with this little video that cracked me up.

Clearly, this would NOT be on SOMEONE’S list of “healthy sleep habits” (but the kid DOES look happy enough).

(Hmmm… after browsing youtube for other stuff, I now realize how COMMON this bounce/sleep thing is.)

3 thoughts on “Weissbluth would NOT approve…

  1. awww!
    I couldn’t tell at first if the baby was bouncing on his own or if someone was doing the bouncing off-screen.
    thanks for the laugh, and have a good long weekend!

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